“on a good day, i like to take my camera out and photography the folks on my block. I have an interesting block; it’s been called Little Juarez (before they evicted the Latino workers), the Dead End (yeah, Magazine St. has a dead end now). There’s a half way house which used to be the punk music mecca in the 90’s, still with no shortage of interesting characters, a bar, an upscale salon, a body shop, and a house full of artists, designers, photographers, and schemers always at work and play. Magazine and Thalia is just at about the beginning of the Lower Garden District (LGD), in b/t the upscale Warehouse District and the Garden District. So at this corner where i take my camera out is an interesting boundary and bridge of business and pleasure, recovering sanity, vacant lots, hispanic do-gooders, and one big ROAD CLOSED sign that no one sees.”
So here’s a few pics of old friends and new, on dat coinja.