I am listening to WWL (105.3fm) now as i do every morning to get my news from Bob and Monica, John “spud” McConnell, and Garland Robinnet..i love it. it’s local character who know alot and call out our fucked up City Hall motherfuckers all the time.

This morning is amazing…after a great Saints win last night, and a dissapointing LSU loss, LA football is on the mind. So, Spud is talking with Deke “Big Chief” Bellavia about the BCS system, the saints, and LSU and how the BCS is messed up and you hear Spud say:

“Terence! come in here.” Contemporary Jazz Great, and Ambassador of New Orleans (i just gave him that title) Terence Blanchard walks in , puts on a headphone and it begins. The coolest back and forth about football, the BCS, LSU, and Saints talk i have heard. No talk of how he is one of our most talented, smart, giving artists in this city, or about his new Requiem for Katrina he put on w/ the LPO….no, its football..and new orleans. Thier talkin about football. i love it.