February 2007

Lunar New Year at the BBG

Gotta say i am a lucky guy. I was recently hired to document the Chinese Lunar New Year festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and it was damn amazing. I’ll be shooting more events and things there this year, and hope to continue seeing all you NY freaks more and more….enjoy

Carnival 2007

Was a good one folks, we did it right, we’ve been practicing, and it showed. i didn’t bring my camera around too much , but did to a few things. Mostly shot film so give me a bit and i’ll deliver some shots for you….

Photo of the Weeks…Archive

For the past few months i have sent out my email based Photo of the Week…now, it’ll be a little easier – from now on i won’t send out individual emails but just check every week here, and you will find your P.O.W….Shazaam. Until the new ones come, please enjoy the complete Archives…coming soon…

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