Month: September 2007

Rotary Downs in NY

September 26, 2007

this was May 2007, the end of our busiest month of gigging with Jazz FEst, DBA, One Eye Jacks – and we found ourselves doing a Fri-Sun in New York and Brooklyn. IT was a good time…here are some shots

Love them Tubas

September 19, 2007

One of my new clients is the Tulane Marching Band…an entity that had been struggling for years with low retention and, well, little interest. But this year their numbers are up and there’s excitement back on the field. I am shooting their home games, documenting what they do, hanging out, being college kids, playing their ass off in the Dome, and spelling things on the field in groups. And no, i wont be able to make the Tulane v. LSU game – bummed about that, but watta ya gonna do, a catastrophe of a drumtographer. The game was fun, got royal treatment, got to hang in the presence of..the DOME, old leathery sportswriters (they’re ALL leathery, with a few exceptions) calling the games and snacking on their free cookies – as i was.

But damn…they’re following me…the streets, the clubs…now the Dome. You’re in New Orleans now, and there’s no escaping….

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