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just made a lap around the south of Lafayette, aka Boomtown South, or, Hydraulics East, or, Daquiri West. I brought my girlfriend Addy to where i lived, down Memory Lane in the Saints Street. No, really. thats where i lived. Back then it was all farmland behind our houses.

And during those years around 81/82 “tom Sawyer” was out and a new friend i had met named Ron Cortese had asked me if i like the “space invaders” song. Of course i had never heard it, but said it sucked. We became fast friends, throwing cow shit at cows, dodging farmers bullets, inhaling sulphur compound in the coullee and playing broken video games at Mr. Goudeauxs. 7 years later that Cortese kid became my bandmate in my first band, The Mind Theives.

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