Month: August 2008

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August 31, 2008

just made a lap around the south of Lafayette, aka Boomtown South, or, Hydraulics East, or, Daquiri West. I brought my girlfriend Addy to where i lived, down Memory Lane in the Saints Street. No, really. thats where i lived. Back then it was all farmland behind our houses.

And during those years around 81/82 “tom Sawyer” was out and a new friend i had met named Ron Cortese had asked me if i like the “space invaders” song. Of course i had never heard it, but said it sucked. We became fast friends, throwing cow shit at cows, dodging farmers bullets, inhaling sulphur compound in the coullee and playing broken video games at Mr. Goudeauxs. 7 years later that Cortese kid became my bandmate in my first band, The Mind Theives.

pt 2 - Teddy and boarding up..

August 31, 2008

saw a great rock show Friday night – Mynameisjohnmichael warmed up Artmosphere for the cd release of Teddy and the Tornadoes..check how much fun was had:

boarded up windows ready 4 them winds…

this is where my mom lives, w/ her carpenter husband dan – we just finished boarding up windows and securing loose stuff. Addy took a nap.

and as you all know, or dont go to:

zackattack.smugmug.com for the full listings of images from anything i have up here..i am going to survey the scene now in lafayette and post some pics asap…


August 31, 2008

well – three years to the day we evacuatin again. i am back in lafayette and things are very different this time. EVERYONE is getting out..no one wants to be in that same position again in the aftermath of Katrina. Funny, i had planned on attending the City of NO’s 3 year anniversary event in Jackson Square. the city enlarged one of my photographs to around 30×40 and was going to display it in the square – it was a photo of some happy kids i shot during a job w/ Kidsmart. it was the AFTER shot of of atwo part series – the BEFORE was one of Sam Porteras haunting images of a mud covered abandoned schoolroom. special shit.

As we know all life is put off again till we get back. Can’t wait.


Zack Smith Photography Updates

August 19, 2008

Alot has been going on, even in the slow pace of summer – things to look forward to

1. CANARY Gallery Opens – 329 Julia Street


– on August 4th, along with Blake Haney, I opened the CANARY Gallery to droves of art lovers during the evenings White Linen Night openings. Currently on the walls are some of my new portraits from recent jobs (Al Green, Preservation Hall, Voodoo Fest) and friends. My photography business is run in the back of the Gallery, and I will be curating shows here, featuring local and regional artists.
– On Wednesday, August 20th, CAC Curator and Prospect 1: New Orleans curator, Dan Cameron, will give an informative talk on this years Biennial.
– We will open our doors again on Saturday, September 6th from 6-9. Music will be provided by Justin Peake performing his “Beautiful Bells” DJ set.

– OCTOBER 4th Opening: “South of I-10: Artists along Louisiana’s Main Drag” – an exhibit featuring artists from Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Houma, and Pierre Part. Swamp Pop and Cajun 45’s spun by DJ Pasta.

2. FALL COURSES @ The Fine Art Academy

– i am offering 4 classes this fall, all very distinct, interesting, and a whole hell of alot of fun. Go to www.noafa.com to sign up, hurry..cause they are going fast.

CLASSES OFFERED – Photography Fundamentals, Digital 101, New Orleans at Night, and Environmental Portrait Photography


– The Falstaff Brewery Residences recently purchased 20 of my images for permanent display at their restored brewery apartments. I had been going in the delapidated brewery for a year, photographing the tanks, brew rooms, and abandoned offices. The company recently purchased 10 of those images, and along with 10 of my more popular New Orleans street scene images, will be displayed throughout the building. Stay tuned for and opening reception date and time.


Thursday, December 4th @ The New Orleans Museum of Art, 7-10

We are going to kick off the 3rd Annual PHOTO NOLA event with our fundraiser at NOMA, with music, entertainment, and food provided by Herbsaint, NOLA Bean and many more. Tickets for this event ar e$20 and can be purchased at the door.

go to – www.photonola.org – for more information


Its’ about time..so stay tuned here and on the WWW for an all new website w/ images and other stuff.


Based on the new City theme of : Rethink, Renew, Revive”, and displayed out in Jackson Square, we will have 2
photos, one that represents the sadness and loss from the storm and one
that represents the hopeful future. I will be showing some images in this very special presentation on the night of August 29th.

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