A-Dam -> Paris (hamsterdam to da Parish brah)


At least I didn’t get the chicken. Getting the pasta on my last int’l flight in January to France proved to be what made rythmn section tick. On Rotary Downs last overseas show, a few band members got the chicken and thus turned white, and spewed out of both ends for days, saving 45 min to hold it all in for our gig. And on my transatlantic flight to AMST, I stayed true w/ the pasta…but when I arrived in the Shipol airport, things didn’t work out so well. First off, my credit card doesn’t’ work in Amsterdam. Not only could I not buy a 200 Euro tix to Bordeaux, but I couldn’t make a call, get a card, or use the internet. For a few minutes there I felt like Tom Hanks in that movie where he slept at the airport, and I was damn tired. I used my survival tactics from my 3rd world traveling days and bargained for some internet time, getting me the time I needed to G-Chat my Amsterdam contact. After bribing another new friend to buy me a train ticket, I was on my way. I collected a semi loan from my friend and got a ticket to Bordeaux via Paris 1st Class baby. Well, most folks know Im not a first class ridin guy but it’s all they had, I swear. I think they’ll give me something “free”. But on the Parish train I think I have a spot holding onto some straps on the top of the train. Excellent.

Riding to Paris 1st class is the way to go. The Dutch countryside is beautiful. Its flat, saturated green fields remind me of Ville Platte, but there’s not this many sheep in Flat Land, and a lot less crawfish. And they wont stop feeding you! And again, I got the pasta dish as they offered me chicken…I think it’s the common thing here in Europe “give the gringo the chicken” – and then we get sick.

I just had to stiff French dudes ruin my lair – they are sitting across from em. But damn, my travel-journey began at 7am yesterday and wont end till I get to Bordeaux in a bout 5+ more hours. This A-dam to Bordeaux train just made a “quick” stop in Antwerp and Brussels. Damn. At least I got to sleep some more, now my clock is def. fucked up big time.

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