The Escape – Everything is Being Recorded, Sir.

Im on my way out of New Orleans, on to boogie w/ the airport shuffle and Eurotran two-step. And at the airport, it happens. There’s something poetic about that whole airport “im leaving, I’ll miss you” scene. No matter if you are the dropper, or the dropp-ee, you feel as if you looked over your shoulder quick enough you’d see one of 3 Ninja camera men stumbling to get “lost”, fumbling w/ their XPZ-HD200 FaceTwitter issue video camera. These “dropping off” or, “departing” scenes are famous and ARE being filmed by TwitterNinjas. Just like other famous scenes like:

– The breakup scene

– Got a pick? (when the songs already started) scene
– The “im about to cheat on this test” scene
– And the “why did I just eat more mushrooms” scene

And I get out the car to my lady friend’s car, as she’s still probably too sleeping to take the wheel back to the city, we have our scene. Knowing that cameras are rolling, I never adjust my head to the ninjas, just roll my eyes, picking out their nooks. 1….2……3……4 over by the curbside check in (actually the check in guy IS a twitterninja)….5….6 (taxi cab driver)….7…..I stopped at 7. Knowing that our little modest scene was being recorded by a record 7 cameras, I made a subtle ass grab and hair pull make out, and a little something y’all will see somewhere out there im sure.

“Don’t’ take any weird drugs”

It was one of the last things she said to me, cameras rolling, as I picked up my bags. Now, “Don’t sleep w/ any hookers in Amsterdam” (I actually got that one already), “You don’t have enough money”, or, “Call me when you get to Philly”, are some things you may hear upon leaving your lover at the airport as you sail into the unknown (how DO planes fly? Really. It’s fucking my head up RIGHT NOW)….But, “Don’t take any weird drugs”..?

I’ve done my share of drugs, and I know that the only weird part about my drug use is…well, me. So weird drugs for me would be like, Prozac, Lithium, Xanax…etc. Those are the ones that make you weird if you ask me…all they are is continued psychosis and Brain Jail. Weird drugs…you have nothing to worry about honey.