What is proving to be a trip of a lifetime, comes at the busiest time of my year…spring. Damn, it always happens like this. Shit’s hittin the fan all over the place, and i duck out to go on tour with MC Trachiotomy for a week in Europe:


I am documenting the tour like i did for the 9th Ward Marching Band:

This will be for Antigravity, Humid Beings and a few other folks for possible publishing.

I felt that my France trip with Rotary Downs was too short. i was in an airport more than i was on my trip so i need some redeeming. and this tour will be insane:

8th – Leave
9th – Arrive
9:35 am arrive Amsterdam
10:30 am call URINE
– make way to Bordeaux somehow

10th Toulouse – pile into van
11th Hamburg – check pulse
12th Hamburg – shave, maybe, shower yes
13th Hamburg – fuck wienershnitzel
14th Hamburg – back in love with borscht
15th Hamburg – back to NOLA

yeah, if anyone has any Hamburg Hookups Hookitup

I’ll be uploading my daily reports on this Blog so KEEP IN TOUCH!

all printed material will be in an upcoming Antigravity and possibly some other Magazines in big bookstores..