Damn im glad its over. It was fun though.

This year, after saying i wasn’t shooting the Fairgrounds during Jazz Fest, i got hired by Jazz Fest to document the festival. As an official photographer of fest, i was granted access, and by access, i mean mobility. With the help of my bossman, David Foster, i could hit close to 65% of the artists playing each day – and i did that…shooting over 15,000 images – only to be whittled to around 120. (that of which i am doing today and tomorrow)

It was a busy week, waking up and getting to the fest everyday around 10am and staying till ater 8. i didnt’ do many night shows, i really couldn’t. But the 2nd weekend was the test, Rotary Downs had a Thurs night show, a Saturday Fairgrounds gig, and late Sat. night Saturn Bar blowout. Let’s just say Sunday was rough. I really dont know how i do it sometimes, and i realize that i wont be able to do it like that for long. But it sure is fun while im here…as i dont really like downtime. it’s nice, but there are too many things to do in life before i get my swamp shack.

be looking out for weekend Fest recaps at www.nojazzfest.com and on the interweb.

Chaz Fest 2009 photos will be up soon @ my smugmug page – www.zackattack.smugmug.com

Busy week…moving into my new place in the Bywater on Wed, and producing BROOKLYNOLA (WWW.BROOKLYNOLA.COM) in NY on Friday night.

See you on the skreets.