Great Summer Start

Damn, the dog days of summer….when it rains it pours, and feast or famine, pretty much sum up how my summer is going. Even after getting an arrest warrant in my mailbox last night when i was waiting for a check, this summer has been one big positive hustle. Being sober for over 2 weeks now does some good also – as well as getting those random $ calls a freelancer/artist like myself loves to get.

I have been shooting some interesting stuff. The good luck started with Piety St, and a random call to document Alec Ounsworth (from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) in the studio to getting to photograph the cover of the record. I can’t show you the image until the record comes out but, let’s just say mo beauty mo betta. Alec is an exceptional songwriter, and not having heard CYHSY’s music, made this discovery of his personal work even better.

A month later, as you may have read, i brought a crew out to the lake to photograph Clint Meadgen as the summer storm approached, and it was amazing. A local documentarian, Michael Agresta, filmed the shoot for a project he is working on documenting 30 New Orleans artists in 30 days, w/ potential submission to Sundance. I saw the footage he sent, and its’ INSANE.

Right now i am in the middle of sessions with The Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars, and will be shooting some album artwork for them later today at The Truck Farm.

On Monday, i will photograph Jessie and his dog JJ, to update MINE: Taken by Katrina, a documentary film by friend, Geralyn Pezanoski

So, it’s been a good start to the summer – stay tuned for images from these shoots…and keep keepin in touch.


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