Wow – finally a “criticism” of something i’ve written! Because no one has the balls to critcize…A Renaissance Man.

But, as “MJ” replies to my MC Trachiotomy article in last month’s AG Letters to the Editor, he really has me thinking i’m in the wrong business.

I guess im missing the mark as a photographer, since you were the only one that thought that cover was a “serious” rock shot. Should have made helped you w/ that one. I am so sorry.

I don’t think i’ve ever been called a “stoner goof off”…but i like it! I can get used to this. From what my weed smoking friends tell me, Stoner Goof Offs (noun, i MJ!) get to smoke weed and do nothing. Have i missed out on Life in the Mushroom Candy Cloud of Sensimilla? Can i score a bag from someone? Please., i have some catching up, or should i say, chillin’ out. (i’m new at this writing thing, bear w/ me)

For what it’s worth, i bet driving around Europe in a Mercedes van eating mushrooms would be a fucking blast. And if it were up to me, i’d be on it.

Thanks for having an opinion and sharing it MJ, but i do have some advice: next time you get a burrito at the taco truck, you may want to kiss the ass of Trachiotomy, not Trachiometry. (is that a Klub in Metairie you go to?)

Zack Smith
(currently seeking to get high)