The Most Amazing Photo Shoot

Often when i have some time, and a friend obliges to be photographed, i’ll go nuts on it. When Clint Maedgen said “ok, lets do it” – i let my mind wander. I was feeling water at the time, and we got it.

Yesterday, my shot was set up at this ‘secret’ beach on Lake Ponchartrain, and we were to shoot at sunset from about 7:30-8pm – this was our window. We moved the shoot once already, and we had to get it done this day. My initial idea was to have Clint emerging from the water, with his white sax and slicked hair, with 20 smoke bombs strapped to his back going off.

That idea morphed into a Poseiden like theatre peice whenever i entrusted my #1 designer, costume/makeup, guru Patricia Gorman. She borrowed me a “plump” black female manequinn bust, with 2 large white columns rescued from an old plantation.

I had also called my collaborator in crime Heidi Domangue who brought a friend to augment the female water dancer portion of the broadcast.

As we set up, a wanton thunderstorm began creeping in from the NE over the Lake, as we still had the most amazing sunset off the the NW. As the players got in place, i began to shoot w/ my 4×5 – after getting 4 frames off, the temperature dropped 20 degrees, and the sun was lost. Not losing a beat, i grabbed my Mamiya, popped on the remote strobes, and send my assistant into the water to light Clint – after 16 exposures and 4 VERY close lightning hits, we scrambled to pack up the gear and head for the trucks not seconds before the skys opened.

I just turned in the film, and i’ll post asap. But here is a photo caught by Clint as we raced for shelter…

this one from Patricia

This one of another impromptu shoot of Heidi and Rikki, with Michael, shot by Michelle

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