Why do i always wait until the last minute. If it weren’t for scheduling a solo show on White Linen Night, 8 mo. ago – i would have balked. But when i work better under pressure, not stress, pressure. But if it wasn’t for the help of some key individuals, i wouldn’t be getting this done. Here they are.



Two of the most talented badasses i know, and helping me out big time in making my show a reality. If told you how much they are helping me, i’d have to change the name of the show. (something like a Beatles song)

But, that aside, i am very proud of the new work i am showing – it’s a steady mix of Voodoo Music Experience Portraits featuring local talents such as Walter Wolfman Washington, Ben Jaffe of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, “Deacon” John Moore, Joe Cabral of The Iguanas and 007, and The Noisician Coalition.