Month: January 2009


January 19, 2009


I’ll be hosting my annual CTLS Portrait Booth this Friday Night at One Eye Jacks…come raise money for you favorite ladies of the street beat, and get a photo w/ them…all of them or just your favorite –


January 15, 2009


I couldn’t believe it when i saw this article. please read it, its a sure indication that New Orleans is not up to speed at all, just like Bush said he has done his job here, we’re far from it. I knew Cayne from 2nd lines, tipitina’s all nighters, but mostly from the streets or the dance floor where she was booyin’..it’s a shame that’s she’s gone. I’ll miss her spirit.



January 1, 2009

The CANARY GALLERY is proud to announce the opening night “La Portes du Spirit” – and group show by artists Heidi Domangue and Nicholas Ciglio.

Saturday, January 3
329 Julia St

The Gallery will be filled with what will almost look like lost and found objects, sewn together backdrops of wooden doors, tapestrys, and silkscreens. The artists, both hustling to create and output as steady as they can, as their inspiration flows at rapid rates.

Heidi Domangue made her CANARY Gallery debut in the October 2008 group show “South of I-10. Artists Along Louisiana’s Main Drag”, showing her intaglio prints, and mixed media collage prints. Her work was often printed and silkscreened using hand crafted paper, and sewn by hand to create even deeper textures.

Her new works for this exhibit shows her creating more textural pieces, but adding a 9 piece hand tinted photo-collage to the mix. Also within the show is the striking large format stretched and woven painted fabric piece.

Nicholas Ciglio
is making his first gallery appearance on Julia St. with his new series, which is a section of a larger series entitled “Blessed be the Reconstruction”. This series is centered in creating blessings for the reconstruction on old Katrina flooded wood from gutted houses.

A filmmaker and educator from California, Ciglio moved to New Orleans in June of 2006to focus is artistic intentions on social relevance in the wake of Katrina. His first public piece in New Orleans was the popular public mural of then recently passed, Kufaru Mouton, on Frenchmen Street entitled “Kufaru Katrina Mural”. He is currently a featured artist at L’art Noir New Orleans on St. Claude and has been working as an art educator/filmmaker at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School in the Lower Ninth Ward since November 2006.

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