Month: February 2009

A Real Apt For Rent.

February 28, 2009

I’ll be posting mardi gras stories and photos very soon, and catch everyone up..ive been very busy lately juggling life, pinching pennies and stretching dollars. things will be good, there is opportunity in the air and it’s time to pick…but till then i had to share this Craigslist post for an APT (as i am looking…any help is great…trying to stay in LGD or FQ – )


WARNING: This property is run by slumlord. He turned off the other apartments gas, which in turn shut off my gas because everything in the property is cross wired, and then has refused to connect it for the last 3 1/2 months in the middle of winter. Thats right, no hot water, no heat, while snow was on the ground. No return to any of my phone calls about this. The apartment has NO insulation and the walls would probably fall off if you leaned on them too hard. There was daylight coming through the floor when I moved in. The “nice” courtyard is completely trashed b/c there is no fence to keep out the neighbors 10-15 dogs. The fruit trees have fallen over. It is impossible to keep roaches and mice out because nothing is sealed correctly. Crack is dealt across the street. He stole my last months rent and deposit.
Oh, and there is STILL NO GAS.
The address is 1119 1/2 Mandeville.

1119 Mandeville at St. Claude google map yahoo map

* dogs are OK – wooof
* Location: the ghetto
* it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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My Best Friend's Kid is Cooler Than you will EVER be

February 1, 2009

This is Miles Ally rocking along with Geddy Lee. Now go practice what you do or go to bed.

check those drumsticks!

New Documentary Projects - Humid Beings.com

February 1, 2009

What a long week boy howdy. – i started a few weeks ago documenting the underbelly of Mardi Gras since every time i see stories on it, they really fucking suck. “Hey Mardi Gras world statues n heads!” — uuhh “Having that little guy from that Frodo movie as king of Bacchus was awesome, did you see how trashed he was by the time he got to Melpomene?” – shit like that.

The badass Richard Valadie invited me to hang w/ the artists of Royal Artists and see how they do what they do….and they do: Proteus, Krewe D’etat, and some other ones. I really wasn’t interested in how they made that cool face, or laser beams n shit – but how does an artist (and these are all talented folks) drop that unique vision they have that pulls them to be an artist and fall into the traditional roles of Mardi Gras float painter? I’d say it was a cop out..but something deeper drives these cats to create what we boozing, kids n stroller pushin, titty flashing DD’s take for granted.

This story, the underbelly of the 9th Ward Marching Band, and The Golden Comanche Indians comin at you ONLY on HumidBeings.com….


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