March 2009

THe Night the Lights went out in The French Quarter. Photographing a Powerless City

It was an eerie night in New Orleans when a transformer blew in Iberville Street, luckily I had my camera with me. They always say the best camera you have is the one that’s on you and I was happy to have brought mine out. You never know when a power outage in the city’s …

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Yeah That’s Right

I’m packing into that van bruh. I’ll be joining MC Trachiotomy on tour thru Holland and Germany in April documenting the roving mad freak tour – as Trach brings his Butthole Surfers meets Bitches Brew in the 9th Ward live show. http://www.myspace.com/mctrachiotomy i’ll be uploading day to day blogs featuring interviews, videos, photos and tour …

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Middendorfs! Duh!

Ok, so you’ve herd, right? Middendorfs “razor thin” sliced catfish? right der off 55 in Manchac? Well you need to taste. As part of the Birthday Dinner Posse, we rolled out to D’orfs last Sunday for Mikals birthday and had a feast. and after trying pretty much about everything worth anything on the menu, i …

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9th Ward Marching Band Feature UP!

hey gang – it’s up – the mini-doc i did of our very own 9th Ward Marching Band. Take a look and pass it around. http://vimeo.com/3868742 words are not needed to describe them…they are, just, Naturally N’awlins…\\

Austin NOW!

Just woke up in Austin, don’t know how i got here. No, i do. Cory and i left NO at 7ish, stopped in Laffy-ette to pick up percussion from Tiffany, get coffee, greenery, and hit the road. checked out the new Caddywompus EP called “EP’s” and Mike Gambles “Scrambler Sequill” – will these bands get …

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