Month: April 2009

April 13, 2009
HAMBURG 88KMTrying not to give tonight’s club or promoters any ammunition to cancel the show, Trach is hauling ass in the monster Mercedes van trying to beat the clock. Through...
Paris - Hamburg
April 12, 2009
PARISIt hasn’t stopped raining since Toulouse. We arrive in Paris at 8pm, greeted by a slow, cold, miserable drizzle.And the show is cancelled. The squat Sans Plomb called all...
April 11, 2009
TOULOUSEMC Trachiotomy’s band on this night is aptly named, The Cone of Uncertainty. And that name couldn’t be more dead on. Anyone living in New Orleans post-Katrina will...
Bordeaux. Bro
April 10, 2009
The flop was arranged. By proxy, by telephone, by rail. It was all arranged. The stone walls, the diy bar, the unscheduled acid trip. LE PETROLIER. By the time it was created...

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