Month: July 2009

White Linen Night 2009

July 24, 2009

Why do i always wait until the last minute. If it weren’t for scheduling a solo show on White Linen Night, 8 mo. ago – i would have balked. But when i work better under pressure, not stress, pressure. But if it wasn’t for the help of some key individuals, i wouldn’t be getting this done. Here they are.



Two of the most talented badasses i know, and helping me out big time in making my show a reality. If told you how much they are helping me, i’d have to change the name of the show. (something like a Beatles song)

But, that aside, i am very proud of the new work i am showing – it’s a steady mix of Voodoo Music Experience Portraits featuring local talents such as Walter Wolfman Washington, Ben Jaffe of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, “Deacon” John Moore, Joe Cabral of The Iguanas and 007, and The Noisician Coalition.

Fuckin Tired

July 12, 2009

I made $5 last night. I got to the Pearl ready for rehearsing a few tunes for the gig at the Saturn, but there was no rehearsal to be had, and we wouldn’t be gigging for another 6 hours. By 2:30 we were on stage, i was tired as fuck, playing to 5 people who were still there. But, the crowd still did outnumber the band, even though they were at the bar..so we played. Loud blues, loud funk, space rock. im pretty sure J was singing, and some keys were played, but all i had was bass in my right ear and snare in my left – yeah. Reeger even made it to see the last few tunes, sorry you had to hear that. At 3:15 we ended, collected $5 for the gig (there were 6 bands) – to have some $ for food on Sunday (im broke, again) and went home.

It’s tough to hang in bars for over 6 hours when you are not drinking. All you want is that “one” to feel the calm – but we know where that goes. Next thing you know, your neighbor’s waking you up passed out two blocks from you house…6 more hours later.

So, im fucking exhausted today, woke up at 8, couldn’t go back to sleep. Now i am back at CANARY scanning some old CAC images.

This week is a busy one. shooting a bit, teaching alot, rehearsing alot, gigging this weekend w/ Rotary Downs. Summertime rolls

Great Summer Start

July 11, 2009

Damn, the dog days of summer….when it rains it pours, and feast or famine, pretty much sum up how my summer is going. Even after getting an arrest warrant in my mailbox last night when i was waiting for a check, this summer has been one big positive hustle. Being sober for over 2 weeks now does some good also – as well as getting those random $ calls a freelancer/artist like myself loves to get.

I have been shooting some interesting stuff. The good luck started with Piety St, and a random call to document Alec Ounsworth (from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) in the studio to getting to photograph the cover of the record. I can’t show you the image until the record comes out but, let’s just say mo beauty mo betta. Alec is an exceptional songwriter, and not having heard CYHSY’s music, made this discovery of his personal work even better.

A month later, as you may have read, i brought a crew out to the lake to photograph Clint Meadgen as the summer storm approached, and it was amazing. A local documentarian, Michael Agresta, filmed the shoot for a project he is working on documenting 30 New Orleans artists in 30 days, w/ potential submission to Sundance. I saw the footage he sent, and its’ INSANE.

Right now i am in the middle of sessions with The Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars, and will be shooting some album artwork for them later today at The Truck Farm.

On Monday, i will photograph Jessie and his dog JJ, to update MINE: Taken by Katrina, a documentary film by friend, Geralyn Pezanoski

So, it’s been a good start to the summer – stay tuned for images from these shoots…and keep keepin in touch.


Geronimo Fest

July 9, 2009

Here are some more excerpts from Geronimo Fest. All of these images were shot with a Hasseblad 500CM or a Mamiya 645. I have been using more film for my shoots, enjoying the perspective, feel, and output.

Arlyn Jiminez show at CANARY

July 6, 2009

Arlyn is a talented cat. He is from the Dominican Republic and just moved to make New Orleans his him no more than a year or so ago. What he brought w/ him was his mild natured, smilin face, positive attitude, and killer sculptures. He is truly talented.

We will have a 2nd opening of his work this Saturday, July 11th – from 6-9

Arlyn Jiménez was born in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic on December 10, 1977. Arlyn began working with recycled materials and creating art at a young age in the workshops of friends and neighbors. His first individual, “Con to’ lo hierro,” (All of Metal) was in 2001 at the Casa de Cultura (Cultural Center) in Puerto Plata. He attended the Casa de Chavón School Summer Institute in Santo Domingo, D.R. in 2003. He has attended various programs in welding and sculpture, including training with Dominican artist Jonny Bonnelly. He is a member of a performance art collective called the “Chocolatero” that takes its inspiration from an abandoned chocoloate factory in Puerto Plata, D.R. Aryln’s work has been exhibited in various Dominican cities as well as in Miami and New York.

I am a Stoner Goof Off

July 3, 2009

Wow – finally a “criticism” of something i’ve written! Because no one has the balls to critcize…A Renaissance Man.

But, as “MJ” replies to my MC Trachiotomy article in last month’s AG Letters to the Editor, he really has me thinking i’m in the wrong business.

I guess im missing the mark as a photographer, since you were the only one that thought that cover was a “serious” rock shot. Should have made helped you w/ that one. I am so sorry.

I don’t think i’ve ever been called a “stoner goof off”…but i like it! I can get used to this. From what my weed smoking friends tell me, Stoner Goof Offs (noun, i think..help MJ!) get to smoke weed and do nothing. Have i missed out on Life in the Mushroom Candy Cloud of Sensimilla? Can i score a bag from someone? Please., i have some catching up, or should i say, chillin’ out. (i’m new at this writing thing, bear w/ me)

For what it’s worth, i bet driving around Europe in a Mercedes van eating mushrooms would be a fucking blast. And if it were up to me, i’d be on it.

Thanks for having an opinion and sharing it MJ, but i do have some advice: next time you get a burrito at the taco truck, you may want to kiss the ass of Trachiotomy, not Trachiometry. (is that a Klub in Metairie you go to?)

Zack Smith
(currently seeking to get high)

The Most Amazing Photo Shoot

July 3, 2009

Often when i have some time, and a friend obliges to be photographed, i’ll go nuts on it. When Clint Maedgen said “ok, lets do it” – i let my mind wander. I was feeling water at the time, and we got it.

Yesterday, my shot was set up at this ‘secret’ beach on Lake Ponchartrain, and we were to shoot at sunset from about 7:30-8pm – this was our window. We moved the shoot once already, and we had to get it done this day. My initial idea was to have Clint emerging from the water, with his white sax and slicked hair, with 20 smoke bombs strapped to his back going off.

That idea morphed into a Poseiden like theatre peice whenever i entrusted my #1 designer, costume/makeup, guru Patricia Gorman. She borrowed me a “plump” black female manequinn bust, with 2 large white columns rescued from an old plantation.

I had also called my collaborator in crime Heidi Domangue who brought a friend to augment the female water dancer portion of the broadcast.

As we set up, a wanton thunderstorm began creeping in from the NE over the Lake, as we still had the most amazing sunset off the the NW. As the players got in place, i began to shoot w/ my 4×5 – after getting 4 frames off, the temperature dropped 20 degrees, and the sun was lost. Not losing a beat, i grabbed my Mamiya, popped on the remote strobes, and send my assistant into the water to light Clint – after 16 exposures and 4 VERY close lightning hits, we scrambled to pack up the gear and head for the trucks not seconds before the skys opened.

I just turned in the film, and i’ll post asap. But here is a photo caught by Clint as we raced for shelter…

this one from Patricia

This one of another impromptu shoot of Heidi and Rikki, with Michael, shot by Michelle

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