Month: August 2009

Faces of Rock - thank you's

August 30, 2009

I want to thank everyone that sat for me last night at Carrolton Station. I think i shot over 100 of you – almost 1/2 of you that were there to see an amazing show w/ Caddywhompus, Smiley w/ a Knife, and Big Rock Candy Mountain. It was very evident that there is a serious organized culture happening w/in the indie rock scene as shown last night by the enthusiasm and energy at the club, and the willingness to participate in a random photo project.

I am not 100% sure what i will be doing w/ the shots, but i do know they need to be collaged somehow, printed big, and put up on the side of a building..or something. Someone suggested doing a composite of all the faces into one face. I like it…but how do i do it?

(thanks to andrew larimer for the action shot)

Where can i buy a Time Machine?

August 28, 2009


Clint Maedgen Opens the Restraints

August 27, 2009

In short, Clint Maedgen is prolific. With a superb range of talent that glides with ease through so many genres, his compelling voice remains the only constant. Let it be the lighthouse –

Buy his new record, Open Restraints – and put some money in the hat.

LA Music Factory

CD Baby

Shooting Portraits at Carrolton Station

August 25, 2009

I will be shooting the 1st Installment of “Rock Portraits” at Carrolton Station while 3 badass bands provide the ultimate soundtrack – each image from this setting will be collected and printed large format with all of the faces shot, adorning this photo.

come be a part of rock history

Amy at Chalmette Battlefield

August 19, 2009

At one point people died in this field. This day, Amy just made it look pretty.

Test Rat

August 18, 2009

I think every new camera, lighting experiment, or new lens i’ve gotten, Blake’s been around.

and that goes for this one too: i picked up an old sign at the Green Project (go!) and backed it w/ some reflective material to push the light forward, and voila..there you have a cool new light source.

Blake Haney: Test Rat.

New Show up...Come See it

August 7, 2009

Here it is y’all – i have a new show of very new portraits up at The CANARY Gallery, 329 Julia St. If you live around here, come see what i got cookin –

wise man once said:

From the streets and swamps of Louisiana, to the cozy backstages of the Voodoo Music Experience, Zack Smith creates comfortable confines that elevate his unique style of portraiture. There is a subtle, yet strong connection between subject and photographer, a statement that Smith holds high. Whether the background is a custom backdrop by Flavor Paper, a vine laden swamp, or street corner, Smith’s subjects connect with them, and in turn, the viewer.

Portrait(s) will feature a selection of 4×5 shot portraits of artists that played the Preservation Hall Tent at the 2008 Voodoo Music Experience, and some of his recently shot portraits. Louisiana legends such as Deacon John Moore, Walter “Wolfman” Washington, and the Preservation Hall, and stallar talents such as Alec Ounsworth (of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah), Guitar Lightnin’ Lee, Mike Dillon and The Noisician Coalition are just a few of the new images printed by the photographer, some as large as 4’x5′.

Here’s a few images in the show for you out of towners.

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