August 2009

Clint Maedgen Opens the Restraints

In short, Clint Maedgen is prolific. With a superb range of talent that glides with ease through so many genres, his compelling voice remains the only constant. Let it be the lighthouse – Buy his new record, Open Restraints – and put some money in the hat. LA Music Factoryhttp://www.louisianamusicfactory.com/showoneprod.asp?TypeID=72&ProductID=6354 CD Babyhttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/clintmaedgen

Shooting Portraits at Carrolton Station

I will be shooting the 1st Installment of “Rock Portraits” at Carrolton Station while 3 badass bands provide the ultimate soundtrack – each image from this setting will be collected and printed large format with all of the faces shot, adorning this photo. come be a part of rock history

Test Rat

I think every new camera, lighting experiment, or new lens i’ve gotten, Blake’s been around. and that goes for this one too: i picked up an old sign at the Green Project (go!) and backed it w/ some reflective material to push the light forward, and voila..there you have a cool new light source. Blake …

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