Month: September 2009


September 26, 2009

I want to urge you all to attend

Heidi Domangue’s

art opening on October 3rd.

I think this show will be one of the best we have had at THE CANARY Gallery. Heidi is one of the most prolific, talented, and culturally inspired artists i have ever met or had the joy of calling friend. She is inspiring to me, and the community she works and creates in. I do hope you can attend her opening on October 3rd at CANARY.

Heidi is committed to educating us all… To paraphrase her:

‘This series is all about saving the wetlands, the fight of the animals to keep it alive, the unrecognized heroes of the marsh, and the relationships of the animals that no one thinks of.’

But, it goes bigger than than. Here in Louisiana we have lost over 38 million square yards of wetlands, and that doesn’t seem to be stopping. This series she has made raises the delicate question – with all the land that is dissapearing, where will all the nutria go? Where will all the Pelicans go? Right now the fight is on to save their own habitat from washing away….thus we have:


For this show, Heidi has experimented non-stop with creating her own unique color palette for painting in 3D. She has donned the traditional 3D glasses to paint these amazing bayou confrontations, and there’s only one way to see them…

CANARY was donated 75 3D glasses from American Optics for this show, and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Heidi Domangue – 3D Bayou Battle – Prints and Paintings

Capital One’s Art for Arts Sake

Opening Reception, October 3rd, 6pm-9pm

Show will hang until November 3rd

CANARY Gallery – 329 Julia St.


Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri 2-5p or by appt

The Excavators now Up!

September 23, 2009

Recently Blake had some construction done to his house, and some curious excavators asked if they could…well, dig some holes. This is a piece i did one day when they were diggin around. Edited by Steve Wolfram.

The Excavators from Steve Wolfram on Vimeo.

Snooks Eaglin 2nd Line Funeral

September 15, 2009

A recent piece i shot and recorded, along w/ Steve Wolfram (editor) about Snooks, and his second line. I interviewed folks along the route, got nat sound, and also paid a visit to George Porter Jr., legendary bassist for The Meters, to talk w/ him about Snooks, and his history of playing w/ this legend we lost

Farewell to Snooks from Steve Wolfram on Vimeo.

You will be able to see this video and more when www.humidbeings.com launches….SOON

Watch This - Living Colour on Arsenio

September 11, 2009


One of THE tightest bands in history, no shit. – funniest shit, about 1min into the song Glover walks into the crowd at the Arsenio Hall show, and NO BODY IS DOING ANYTHING. you’d think they were at a cooking show. Fucking Hilarious

Dont want to miss this

September 11, 2009

Yes – Living Colour is playing Tipitina’s uptown – holy shit. Be there.

Living Colour formed out of New York City in the mid-’80s. Their incendiary performances at CBGBs became the stuff of legend. The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger witnessed one of the shows and was so impressed that he insisted upon producing a demo for the fledgling band and later helped them score a record deal. Living Colour’s legacy has broken through obstacles of language, distance and culture. Living Colour’s debut album Vivid went double platinum and garnered the band a Grammy Award. Over the course of their career, they released three critically acclaimed albums (Vivid, Time’s Up and Stain), which sold over 4 million copies combined, earned a pair of Grammy Awards, two MTV Music Video Awards and tore up stages around the world. In 2007, Living Colour’s hit song “Cult Of Personality” was selected for Guitar Hero III. The game has gone onto sell over 14 million copies, introducing the band to a new generation of fans.

Just cause it looks good

September 7, 2009

One my favorite clients is the Tulane Marching Band, under the direction of Barry Spanier. Barry brought the band back from almost extinction after Katrina, and has turned it around to an 80+ member band – and they’re good too. My job over the last 3 years is follow the band around, document their appearances at Tulane Football home games in the dome. TU had their first game of the 2009 season on Friday against Tulsa.

Holy Cross/Preservation Hall

September 7, 2009

Thanks to my trusty assistant Adrienne Batistella for this snap of approval.

MO BEAUTY by Alec Ounsworth set to release

September 2, 2009

I recently met Alec Ounsworth, singer for the wildly popular group Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, at Piety St. Studios while recording his 1st solo project aptly titled; Mo Beauty. Watching the sessions was great, as George Porter Jr., Stanton Moore, and Robert Walters worked with Alec’s very slick blues tunes.

On Alec’s last day, he called me up because he had to show me a sign he loved, and wanted it to be the cover, and title. We drove up Orleans Ave. and found it – Mo Beauty, an old sign on a faded yellow building. I guess it used to be a beauty shop back in the day.

check out the new record when it comes out on ANTI

Interview on NOLAFugees

September 2, 2009

Thanks to Monique for this interview – the Faces of Rock really resonated with the community..stay tuned.


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