NO folks, it’s not the title of a porn im in..it’s just that, well. April is very busy – and if you all know me, i like to share the knowledge and let you in on the interesting things im up to…and you should too.


Court date! Really the best april fools there is is to have to go to court after months of looking and sweating every cop that pulls behind you. Yeah, it’s an old fine for not showing up one day. I’m sorry your honor.


Come don Tragedy Masks and protest honests and uncorrupt governments with CANARY Gallery and Tom Williams. His show at the moment, is tragic. Come hang. 6-9

10pm – Dirty Coast Fashion Show @ One Eyed Jacks – BE THERE – here’s the details…Chris Lane, Big Fredia, DJ Rusty Lazer, Fluer de Tease, and naked people.

Dragons Den – “Hell is Other People” – a group of solo performances (sounds like an oxymoron, but Chris Lane is…) – w/ Meschiya Lake, Simon Lott, Mike Dillon, and Casey McCallister.

I have the honor of shooting Bonnie Prince Billy (Will Oldham) at VERY intimate show at Preservation Hall. I am shooting for MOJO Magazine again, i love that magazine. Thanks for the gig Gabe, sorry you can’t make it.

APRIL 9/10/11
French Quarter Fest – I will have an official FQF Portrait booth on the Riverwalk, near the Food Vendors where Conti runs into the river…come see me and get ya pictcha dawlin.

NIGHT – April 10th – Checkin out the talented Kourtney Kellers’ thesis show – LUMENSECITY – don’t miss this. Not only is she badass at that art, she also puts on CHAZ FEST

I’ll be running a multi projected pyschadelic explosion all up in the Pearl for their Warholesque freak show show. As you all know my projectiles can get fractile, and for this night, will branch out of my comfy post-nuclear family hamburger madness, and fundip.

SOFT (shhh) Book signing/opening for the book to bring you where you need to be: CANARY Gallery is pleased to host a book signing for Michael Patrick Welch’s new book, New Orleans: An Underground Guide (UNO PRESS)
Sunday, April 25th

I have a ton of photos in this soon to be legendary book..come hang out and drink Bloody Mary’s and see BIG images from the book!!


4/23 – Fairgrounds – Rotary Downs – 4:40pm Lagniappe Stage
4/23 – Rotary Downs/Big Rock Candy Mountain/Supertronatron – All Ways Lounge!
4/24 – Surprise Me Mr. Davis and ….yes, The Slip – Tip’s Downtown (ugh.)
4/27 – Rotary Downs/Brothers Barr/Mike Gamble – @ THE SATURN BAR – (throwdown)
4/28 – CHAZ FEST – At the Truck Farm…dont’ miss it! – i’ll be shooting portraits again…bring me margartias and crawbread.
4/30 – Rotary Downs @ Le Bon Temps — 10pm

May 1st – Zack Smith – Blake Haney – New Photographs at CANARY – 329 Julia St –
I will be showing my images from a years long document of the island of Grande Isle – Images from the End of the Earth.
6p-9p – Daquiri’s will be drunkened.

May 2nd – NOIZEFEST – i’ll be shooting portraits at Noizefest this year…my first to attend, i am very happy about this. Ask Michael.

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