I’ll be uploading some digitals later today, but day one was a good start. The setup of all the stages is very different, with Pres Hall/Bingo/wwoz being very close to one another…some sound bleed but i love the close proximity.

My new set up is right by a beautiful old (75yrs) oak tree behind pres hall stage. My trusty and super hardworking assistant Mandy helped setup some palmettos on the side of the roots to block out the tent which was giving us hotspots on the outside of our frames.

i got to shoot rosie ledet, anders osborne, stanton moore, honey island swamp band, a-ron wilkenson, one of my photo idols: Rick Olivier…the guitarist and a few more. Today is action packed again. My friend, and uber talented photographer Erica Stavis will be helping out the rest of the way. can’t wait.