This last month of 2010 i have been able to do some real fun travelling – first on a 4 day tour w/ Rotary Downs thru Delaware, Philly, Pittsburgh, and Brooklyn..stayed an extra day to hang with Karina Mackenzie of Shine A Light and do a very cool 1 on 1 interview session with photographer Steve Pyke – a very down to earth, amazing photographer i can call a pal.

Ive been in New Town Square in Philadelphia hanging with my pops and stepmom relaxing and enjoying drinking with the Irish. I thought 10 years in NOLA would prepare me for drinking with the irish, and altough im trained well – these cats can drink.

On the 29th i head to SF to visit my west coast crew and enjoy two night of the Barr Brothers, Marco, Nathan and Big Light. Im bringing my super 8 camera, already got some film shipped up there…can’t wait.

2011 you will see me back at my blog/photo a week – stay tuned for the new website launching in January.