January 2010

Zack Smith Music Photographer of the Year

Yup. http://www.offbeat.com/2010/01/21/2009-best-of-the-beat-music-business-awards/ Thanks to Offbeat Magazine and my peers, 2009 was a busy, great year full of new creative directions and affirmations. – and they gave me some props. AT home now wondering where to put my Offbeat Best Music Photographer 2009 award…any suggestions?

Article on Zack in ART New Orleans

There’s an article on Zack (that’s me) in the New Orleans Arts Districts publication, ART New Orleans. You can learn all about where im at – pick one up at any gallery in the Arts District/Julia St, hotels, and museums around the city. Thanks to NOAD, and Deborah Kronowitz. http://www.neworleansartsdistrict.com/

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