Month: June 2010


June 14, 2010

thanks to the Truck Farm, KK, Alex, Chaz, and all that make it happen.

I think it’s almost time for a book.

House of 1,000 Gator Pops

June 14, 2010

Every disaster needs an equal energy on the positive side of the scale. Our spirits are dampened by the continuing spill in the Gulf, but as we know about tragedy – we need to keep the vibe high and continue to educate.

We had Chef Billy Reiger cookin up his famous white beans, the Zapp’s Blind Taste Test booth, info on Gulf Restoration Network, a fund to tour Loup Garou, and about 1,000 gator pops to Johnno and Bayou Deville. All of this was done at Adam Tourek’s house, ripe for a fais-do-do –

Journey down to Delacroix

June 14, 2010

A few weeks back, Adam, Moose and i went to meet Adam’s friend James and his wife down at their house in Delacroix. It was May 3rd, a little over a week after the BP oil leak had begun it’s destruction of our coast.

James is a trapper, a fisherman, and many other things. We spent most of the day with him as he was adjusting to his new life as a Haz Mat cleanup guy, after losing most fishing priveleges when the Parish shut down all commercial/private fishing in his waters. His surroundings are amazing; the bayous, the smell of the water, his pet Nutrias and his wifes fine etched glasses. It’s life. And it has changed.

Friday Night Fights

June 14, 2010

New series on Friday Night Fights…go check it out.

I’ll start posting more here…stay tuned – more on the oil spill as well.

Im working w/ multiple folks documenting the catastrophe –

But 1st the fights…

Couple shots from upcoming humidbeings.com

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