Feels good to be back in New Orleans. Home. i needed some time where no one knows your name, except a few. 1 week shooting in Los Angeles, then San Fransisco, then Dominican Republic. I was very lucky these last two weeks, getting to photograph my friend/writer Callen Cotten, street artist Faring Purth, and in the Dominican Republic: performance artist Eliu Almonte, photographer Vitico Cabrera, artists Miguel Gomez, the Santo Domingo Dodgers and Miranda baseball team, Freddie Guidiccelli, Raul Rios, Christian Grando (Brazilian Poet), Orlando Menicucci, Nelson Mendoza, Moses Ros-Suarez, Grimaldy Polanco, and many more.

Whew. Now i am back and there’s alot on the plate, but doable. I will be posting photos very soon.