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Hello friends and fans of this page and my photography. I have to tell you, November and December have been the busiest, productive, end to any year since i went solo in 2004. Creative jobs, working more with local/national musicians, new magazines, new corporate clients, and hey, even a new band i am playing in. 2011, really kicked some ass.

But at the same time, as my life has always flown, my middle ground is shaky: all this good stuff, but at the same time the highs were high the lows were low: trying to be a LEGIT business, opening my LLC, trying to get my taxes done, trying to collect monies owed AND manage it has been one of the toughest things to do. I am thankful for all the helpful people in my life, most notably Mandy Thomas my assistant and all around great person really has provided some stability (whether she agrees with me or not) with my work and my general well being….and she will be kicking some ass very soon mark my words.

So without going on too long, i give you some new work not up on www.zacksmith.com yet but 1st here. enjoy.

Jenna Van Cleve
Luke Winslow King Band
Gabby LaLa
Tess Brunet – “Au Ras Au Ras”
Michael Cerveris

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