Month: February 2011

Zack @ Louisiana State Museum

February 15, 2011


Before, During, After will be showing at the LA State Museum at the Presbytere this Thursday. Can’t wait.

Feb 2011 Throwback Weekend : My weekend walking Philly backstreets...

February 3, 2011

If i remember it correctly: the end of 2010 was insane for me. December 8-12th, Rotary Downs did a short tour that started in Delaware and in 4 days as we played Newark, Philly, Pittsburgh, and Brooklyn. I took my Hasselblad with me and did a short walk around our friend and host’s Justin Sten’s house early one morning. He lives in a rough part of Philadelphia, but when armed with a 2lb silver film camera, I sort of felt safe. Street photography was where I first began to see the magic: when angles line up to draw you in, the sounds of the city sing in sync with the Rule of Thirds, “f8 and be there…f8 and be there”…

Here’s our host, Justin Stens. Drummer, singer, motorcycle vagabond.

And my band mate Chris Colombo in retrospective chill mode. The guy carries light around w/ him like this.

I went back to Philly to visit my stepmom’s family, and where she grew up: Newtown Square, right outside of Philly.. VERY different than Justin’s area. I guess that’s just how i live y’all, one foot in da swamp, one foot in da castle. Her family is amazing, and they showed us a time i’ll never forget. Even if i could remember some of the evenings at Bob’s…

Here’s the area where Ann grew up. Somehow film just captured this snowy day just right. All images shot w / Rolliefliex TLR, 75mm lens.

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