Month: March 2011

"Shoot for the Wall" - Opens April 2nd

March 21, 2011

Yes folks only 2 weeks until “Shoot for the Wall” –

I have just booked electronic wizard Justin Peake for the musical experience on April 2nd.

I will have another opening during Jazz Fest – info coming up!

Zack - new Street Photography Show

March 16, 2011

Today i am almost finished scanning and editing the first street photography show i have assembled in almost 10 years. Images of Cincinnati, New Orleans, Missoula, Brooklyn, and on. I’ll have an opening at the CANARY on April 2nd. I hope you can come, it’s my 1st and last solo for the 2011.

I used to have time to walk, walk around where i lived, where i saw something interesting – and i always had my camera. This spontaneity fueled my curiosity about photography and put me on the path i am on today.

This TV in a ditch was the first image that made me “borrow” my dads’ AE1, and come back and snap a few..not knowing what to do, i started learning from people then.

My new show opens April 2nd at the CANARY Collective – 329 Julia St. 6pm

Shoot for the Wall – Photographs by Zack Smith
Opening Reception Saturday, April 2nd
329 Julia St.
Show runs to through May 2011

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