Month: July 2011

Back at It.

July 28, 2011

Feels good to be back in New Orleans. Home. i needed some time where no one knows your name, except a few. 1 week shooting in Los Angeles, then San Fransisco, then Dominican Republic. I was very lucky these last two weeks, getting to photograph my friend/writer Callen Cotten, street artist Faring Purth, and in the Dominican Republic: performance artist Eliu Almonte, photographer Vitico Cabrera, artists Miguel Gomez, the Santo Domingo Dodgers and Miranda baseball team, Freddie Guidiccelli, Raul Rios, Christian Grando (Brazilian Poet), Orlando Menicucci, Nelson Mendoza, Moses Ros-Suarez, Grimaldy Polanco, and many more.

Whew. Now i am back and there’s alot on the plate, but doable. I will be posting photos very soon.

Busy Bird - taking flight

July 11, 2011

It’s been a while blogosphere – mainly because i have been so busy w/ my photography business. I have been working w/ a slew of new, exciting musicians, did a cover of Widespread Panic for RELIX in march, played Bonnaroo again w/ my band Rotary Downs (who’s now writing new material, oh yeas), teaching alot at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art, and about to embark on a well needed journey.

A new client had me in Vegas two times last month, and now, will be shooting two swank parties in Los Angeles this week. I am going to meet up w/ friends to photograph them (bringing the Hassie), and then head to San Fransisco to do the same. I am also going to photograph the almost ready, Preservation Hall West (not sure if that’s the real name yet…) while im out there, thanks BenTomRon.

After 2 days, its off to the Dominican Republic to spend a full week and half in over 4 cities, w/ a list of great contacts that grows thanks to my friends Beth (southcoast stud) and Arlyn (northcoast stud) – what started as a vacation to get out the US for a while (havn’t been out for myself since 2000) turned into a hustling travel concept to document the people (i’ll never take a break) i will be photographing artists, musicians, and up and coming baseball players…things are lining up now. I am shipping everything back to NOLA except my Hasselblad, a pair of jeans/shorts and some shirts. I hope to come back w/ a nice set of work i’ll show somewhere…

in the meantime, here’s some new work over the last months…

Quintron/Miss Pussycat, Alex Bosworth, Linnzi Zaorski, GIVERS

thanks for reading, stay in touch.

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