Month: November 2011

Print Sale/Book Sale Art Show Saturday, December 3rd

November 30, 2011

he Dirty Coast book release party for “Y’all’s Problem,” and “New Orleans: the Underground Guide,” is at the new:

Dirty Coast Store,
329 Julia St.,
6 to 9pm
SAT DEC 3 as part of the Julia St art walk.

FEATURING photography and original art for sale by

Zack Smith (photographer of “The Underground Guide”)
Jeff Pastorek (illustrator of “Y’all’s Problem”)

PLUS reading and music by,
Michael Patrick Welch (the White Bitch)
Gwedolyn Knapp (of Green Demons)
Bill Lavender (UNO Press publisher, author of two new books)
David Rowe (rogue poet, Verna Press)
plus more to come…

Free entry. $50 gets you a book plus an original drawing or photo from either book.


November 7, 2011

I have to give some credit to a one Ron Cortese for pretty much telling me “hey, you should get a drumset because you’re our new drummer”, way back as Juniors in High School. I give him some credit for opening some doors to playing music – i had always been a music freak, totally getting into whatever music i was listening to – but now i got to play it.

And for the past 8 years i have been drumming and helping write w/ Rotary Downs. and it’s been a blast. For a while i kept the door closed since i didnt’ want to overwork myself w/ new music projects. But i think that’s over. I have since started playing with Sunrise:Sunset:. and next week i am doing a one-off gig w/ the talented Ratty Scurvics at One Eyed Jacks. Hope to see you out there…

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