Rock n Reading Recap

What a great night at the Ogden Museum last night. The musicians – Ratty Scurvics (good day to be Ratty), Luke Allen (2 black suits), James Marler (take care of your pets, and your friends), Gwendolyn Knapp (IBS glory), Mike IX Williams (TIME), Michael Welch’s kids and Costa Rican “kid” and last but not least 10th Ward Buck – get ya draws outcha ASS. – were all GREAT.

To see everything from tasteful rock pop, to industrial doom metal to NOLA bounce, b/t the walls of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art…made us realize there is a place for it all here. There was a slim crowd, maybe the Board of Dir. called in sick – dunno – but there were alot of “what the…” and “holy…” in the crowd – but all in all it was a hit.

Bradly and Gary made my 7 prints look great in the back walls, next to Johnny T’s and now i can say i showed at the Ogden. Yea that’s right.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of the New Orleans: the Underground Guide Book please do so! The 2nd Edition has tons of new images by yours truly.

After the Ogden After Hours, myself, friends Laura Schweigman, James Marler, and Kacie Stillings rolled over to the “newly renovated” Circle Bar. The place looks fantastic – great job Dave Clements and co. They even got em a real B. Singer behind the bar. we ran into Jenn O. and Richard V. and checked the joint out. I am very fired up to close out 2012 Jazz Fest there with Rotary Downs on May 6th.

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