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I am honored to be given the change to curate the inspiring MERGED Music Series for this coming Monday, March 12th. My friend, and local music innovator around town, Justin Peake started this series and allows locals to collaborate and curate their own evening of genre pushing creativity. The series is at the Dragons Den on Esplanade.




Zack Smith (New Orleans photographer, drummer/Rotary Downs andSunrise:Sunset) is curating the March 12th “Merged Music Series” at the Dragons Den hosted by Justin Peake and will be having Justin Peake (laptop/drums), Simon Lott (drums), and Chris Alford play live music, unrehearsed to a series of originally edited, shot, and found projections of footage he has put together. Zack has created custom visuals and done live projections like this for The Other Planets, I Octopus, Soul Sister, War Amps, and A Living Soundtrack and Metronome the City over the last 5 years. It is something he loves to do and offers some amazing, never to be done again, live visual and memorable moments.

Zack Smith

attached – Music Videos for The Other Planets and Scrambler Seequill i conceived and shot.

“The Date” by The Other Planets – http://vimeo.com/17146940
“Walking Porno Zombies” by The Other Planets – http://www.myspace.com/video/the-other-planets/walking-porno-zombies-part-2/1847683
“Zeitfright” by Scrambler Seequill – http://vimeo.com/10777435

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