Hello friends, i am hoping you are well and keeping it saturated during this 1st week of hot in 2012.

I have a new project i am excited about. In this quickly advancing world of rapid communication possibilities, instant gratification, and the speedy shedding of our old modes i saw a project emerge from the ashes of Apps and Text Messages. How do we Call Home now? How does home call us? text messages, emails through phones…etc….but whats next. I am not sure, but i know that our old ways will be gone, and i want to capture them before they are….

I am embarking on a game of TAG – i want to tag as many Telephone Booths around Orleans Parish as possible. I don’t care if they work, don’t have a receiver, or just are a shell of what we used on a daily basis to Call Home. i will group all of the tags on to a large wall map, and then proceed to document these phones with large format cameras, but also including portraits of real, human, communicators: Poets, Singers, Writers, Artists – all standing by these booths to show that although technology will change the way we communicate, nothing will change our most precious and original modes of expression and communication.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED – PLEASE RSVP to me PLEASE for further instructions.

** you MUST have a n IPHONE or APP ready phone
** you must agree to do this for the next 2 months