Dirty Coast Press and Trumpets and Caddywhompus in the swamp filling my days!

I tell you, it’s been a super busy summer. I think this is the first summer i have not been sweating finances, or thinking about washing dishes at a restaurant. I haven’t borrowed any money and i even had a little extra to run to the hills of Texas and catch Iron Maiden in Houston on Saturday. This summer alone i have done 4 Dirty Coast shoots that were all successful and fun (***see: Jolly Louis, FREE Sean Payton (not out yet), MONDAY, and See No Evil…) I have also begun a great relationship with Trumpet Group, a great local agency that works in advertising, marketing, and creating some great branding for local companies. I recently shot a portrait for St. Charles Vision which will run in the Gambit Weekly and all around starting next week…i wish i could show you the image now, but i will next week. I also came back to the Trumpet offices at the cool n hip Icehouse offices (yeah they got a ping pong table) to shoot 7 portraits of their staff members…



I am also about to hang 2 different installations in some very new and exciting local businesses. My friends David and Tad are completing the long awaited rooftop Beer Garden at the Falstaff Brewery Apartments. I will be hanging 7 large framed prints of images i took in the immediate post-Katrina Falstaff. Our good friends Pete and Cassy are opening ANOTHER Satsuma Cafe on Maple Street and i will be showing 4 portraits there! i can’t wait to eat there when they open…stay tuned!!!