St. Charles Vision: Commercial Portrait shoot with Trumpet Advertising

Assembling the right photo team for any job is priority #1

Just did this FUN ass photo shoot for local company St. Charles Vision – we shot at Trumpet Group advertising. The shoot was a blast, i brought Mandy and Tamara w/ me and we had Marisa Crout doing hair/makeup. There’s nothing better than working with a great support team with a vision. For so long i was doing everything myself and i mean everything…so much that i was straying from my creative visions and impulses bc i was worried a light would fall, or i wouldn’t see a distracting background/foreground. Now with my team i am free to actually….make some great photography. that’s the point right?

I remember when i was assisting Herman Leonard on portrait shoots, we had 4 people working on the shoot at all times. Some in the office, coordinating the subject, one coordinating Herman, and two on the shoot. That’s how you roll people! If clients would realize that it costs a little bit more money to produce a lasting image – i think that would drive up the creative potential of the market here, and weed out the “one man digital photo” army that’s out there.


These images of Delaney Martin, Theo Elizer, and SWOON, are part of a portrait series i did of the makers, players, and creators of the MUSIC BOX –


awesomeness that premiered in the Bywater not to long ago. The structure/shantytown is down but some of my portraits are being shown at an 1800’s era arsenal in Kiev, Ukraine. I am honored!…again…TEAM/OPPORTUNITY/CREATION!!


I have installed another permanent display of my 2006 “spelunking’ images shot at the Falstaff Brewery in New Orleans. The Falstaff Brewery Beer Garden is open for business for catered events and private parties!

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