Zack Smith Photography has a new face. Well yes, as you did notice i am growing the beard out, the girlfriend likes it…but not too ‘homeless’ she says. (well at least she didn’t know how i felt last summer)

Having finally invested in creating a more solid brand identity with my business, i have emerged with a logo, and i love it. I enlisted an very dear friend and a very talented one – Tom Williams of TOMFOOLERY DESIGN.

Tom and i met in college at LSU in the 90’s and have remained friends since. Over the last almost 15 years, his witty quips and above average humor ensured that we would take little seriously when hanging out….but when it came to designing my brand and logo from the ground up (i mean, below ground) there was little a time to joke around.

Tom scheduled countless meetings with me, all of which i attended, to drill me on “what made me different”, “why choose ZSP?” – and all this time i have really never answered that question, but just, DID it – you know? Over time we amassed some pretty impressive descriptions of what i do, why i do it, and why YOU need my photography and my 15 years of experience on your creative team.

And after all that, all i got was this:

But really folks! This is what i do, where i’m at – “Innovative Storytelling” as a “Photoraconteur” . Really, it’s what i’ve always been, WHO i’ve always been…taking pieces of visual puzzles relayed to me by clients, and making their 3D vision, a 2D print reality.

Just since the middle 1/3 of 2012 i have had my busiest and most productive year working on and creating my most compelling and creative work, joined by a new team of folks helping me realize these visions, and standing behind my goals. And were having a blast.

Thanks Tom.
(i owe you some money right?)

Zack Smith
Photoraconteur, Storyteller, not Homeless.