Month: August 2012

Busy month for Zack Smith Photography and here's why!

August 20, 2012

Dirty Coast Press and Trumpets and Caddywhompus in the swamp filling my days!

I tell you, it’s been a super busy summer. I think this is the first summer i have not been sweating finances, or thinking about washing dishes at a restaurant. I haven’t borrowed any money and i even had a little extra to run to the hills of Texas and catch Iron Maiden in Houston on Saturday. This summer alone i have done 4 Dirty Coast shoots that were all successful and fun (***see: Jolly Louis, FREE Sean Payton (not out yet), MONDAY, and See No Evil…) I have also begun a great relationship with Trumpet Group, a great local agency that works in advertising, marketing, and creating some great branding for local companies. I recently shot a portrait for St. Charles Vision which will run in the Gambit Weekly and all around starting next week…i wish i could show you the image now, but i will next week. I also came back to the Trumpet offices at the cool n hip Icehouse offices (yeah they got a ping pong table) to shoot 7 portraits of their staff members…



I am also about to hang 2 different installations in some very new and exciting local businesses. My friends David and Tad are completing the long awaited rooftop Beer Garden at the Falstaff Brewery Apartments. I will be hanging 7 large framed prints of images i took in the immediate post-Katrina Falstaff. Our good friends Pete and Cassy are opening ANOTHER Satsuma Cafe on Maple Street and i will be showing 4 portraits there! i can’t wait to eat there when they open…stay tuned!!!

We had a GREAT day at my BBQ Print Sale! Thank you for showing up!

August 13, 2012

Yeah, I am known to have a BBQ and sell my prints at home, you didn’t know that?

We had a great day at my BBQ Print Sale at my house. So many folks showed up to hang out, buy prints, and offer up booze and food and take photos at our BOOYA! Photo Booth in the back, done by Mandy Thomas. I really can’t do what i do w/ out the support of my community here. The artists and musicians i encounter and work with continually support what i do – and when i hear it from them i know they’re not blowing smoke up my ass. They mean it…thanks y’all.

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