2013 just underway, i had a great wrap up of 2012 and got one of those rare chances (again) to reflect, scheme, and reinvent.

Insurance on my body and on my gear, i roll into January feeling like i got an army behind me. My first big shoot of the year, local artist Maggie Koerner, has me working with some great folks to create a living room scene in a Neutral Ground and a portrait at the new art/work space CATAPULT, brought to you by Jeff Becker, and the gang at Mondo Bizzaro

I am also about to take a trip w/ my friend Stacy Fortenberry (super talented location scout and movie person) to Bush, LA to scout the scene for a potential album cover photograph/commission for local band NOLA County.

Im looking for this by the way…

Every year i get that week in b/t Christmas and New Years to plan and take a break, i am just getting back to work today, just finishing up shooting local artist Lionel Milton’s new Mardi Gras poster for reproduction. The guy is talented, super talented, and full of life. I enjoyed talking w/ him this morning and am excited to play his new videogame…stay tuned.

I’m heading out now to shoot a new Dirty Coast shirt that celebrates the emerging Food Truck culture in New Orleans. There is a fundraiser at The Rusty Nail this Saturday from 8-? – Dirty Coast Warehouse District Store Opening Party
PLUS Launch of our new shirt design for the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition

6-8pm at the new Store + 329 Julia St

8-11 at the Rusty Nail + 1100 Constance St

See you out there…