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Harry Connick Jr. “Smokey Mary” album cover concept: “i want it to look like a drunk guy was in the middle of the road….” and more

Just got some proofs from The Como Mamas and Harry Connick Jr’s album covers and they look great. I couldn’t be more happy. I am especially fond of the Harry Connick Jr. album – SONY Music approached me w/ instructions from Harry that the album was to look like “a drunk guy was in the middle of the road, looking at the Smokey Mary train/float coming at him” – this was an odd request, but i relish the odd, and you often have to pull me away from it.

I thought the shot definitely needed fog, so i had that -and it needed a unique perspective in the capture process. I am a big fan of the Lensbaby lenses and what they can do – i have only used them for fun, mardi gras day, and whenever i want to explore some creative angles. But this lens was perfect for that “drunk” look – and BAM there you have it…

No editing in post except for contrast and some sensor dust. BAM

And just got the COMO MAMAS ALBUM IN!!! run dont walk to buy this LP

This image show with my Mamiya 645, fill light from a reflector, back light by God. ( the Mamas have him on speed dial)

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