Are the Tools evolving us? Im seeing it happen because it’s happening to me

You don’t have to look to far to see murder in the streets on what seems a daily basis in New Orleans in 2013. It’s on the TV, your computer, and your pad/phone/tablet, all in it’s backlit glory. We are bombarded by french quarter street corner dime store surveilance cameras depicting “unknown black youth, white shirt, black hoodie, dreads” beating, stealing, and then running away, towards the camera in slow motion for us to look long enough and a cousin to call Crimestoppers and send an ID. Why is this happening we ask? When is too much enough already?

why are we seeing this? because if you seek you shall find. We are constantly looking, peeking around corners to find it, wherever it may be. Information and updates and alarms are set around us at all corners of our homes, our pockets, our cars and even now in our glasses. Look for danger, and it will find you first…

The Technology of Now has us aware and it is changing us. I see this happening to me in making images. I felt as if in my film days i was running to a beach of knowledge and creation, and running the endless grains of sand through my finger to make art. I struggle now with making client deadlines while trying to retain the spark that led me to making images in the first place…But i have never given up, i have constantly straddled the analog and digital realms and made them work, for me. I still do not work for the process, never have never will. There are plenty of photographers who use the camera to simply make money and i applaud them…the monkey figured out the box, and the coin fell out.

I find myself double checking myself when i am hurrying up to write a blog, tweet, Google+ something in order to “enhance my google search status” – wait Zack…what is your time worth..is the time better spend reading, twisting wires on a found light set up, augmenting the Holga, or saving up for some Super 8…and THERE, there is my reality. If i did not know, or care if the Technology of Now was there, in my face, on my TV, on my computer, on my tablet/phone/pad, would i be out there in the dark of night, lit by the front light of the moon, creating?

it’s all relative. relative evolution, if your tuning in.

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