Los Angeles in 36hrs – enough to make some new paths to create

I was lucky enough to have some funds in the bank due to some great jobs in April that allowed me to see something that i will forever be grateful. The Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the LA County Museum…

I went to LA this weekend for that purpose only, and even got to catch a Dodgers/Braves game at Dodger Stadium – a first time MLB game for me. ( i gotta say, i can’t watch MLB on TV but i’ll hit the ballpark ANYDAY). I got to hook up w/ long time bud Callen Cotten, and meet his lovely lady Jacklyn. Good times in the parlor.

This Kubrick exhibit was off the chain: each room was dedicated to one of his films – and in each room you had tons of special Zeiss lenses he used, and his 35mm cameras, as well as original props, clothing, and typed scripts from each film. It was awe-inspiring to say the least. The notes this guy took on pre-production, location and story are something in itself. it really made me rethink my process….and after being awestruck for the first hour, i really focused on PROCESS rather than the art, or the finished product (which, his movies, i love).

The process of idea, creation, shooting, directing etc is an art itself – the process allows us to see inside the human psyche in such a different way than a finished product will – so many avenues are taken in the process to arrive at a single destination (product) that to walk these avenues w/ an open mind, you are inspired to say the least!

I will have tons of posts about process in the coming weeks, but for now, enjoy some cell phone snaps of the exhibit..up all JUNE then done!

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