Behind the scenes: light setup for portrait of radio host, Gwen Tompkins…

I had the honor of getting to photograph the smiling face of the infectious voice of “Music Inside Out” radio host, Gwen Tompkins. We shot at Marigny Recording Studio and the shoot was handled by Adam Newman. I’ve been working with Adam since 2004, when his old firm, Zande+Newman hired me to photograph the large branding and web project for The Murphy Institute at Tulane, a massive project for me for ’04 standards. I remember walking Tulane’s campus with my Hasselblad doing portraits, architecture, and classrooms of Tilton Hall and Richardson. Yes, I shot film! Those were the days… It’s always a pleasure to do portraits with Adam Newman Studio and meet even more interesting folks. Adam also introduced me to Wayne Troyer, and since 2014 I have been doing portraits for Studio WTA in New Orleans….Connectors gonna Connect…thanks Adam

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