Month: April 2013

Great Video of my Kendal Marcy shoot!

April 15, 2013

Great behind the scenes and photo shoot video w/ my shoot of Kendal Marcy, Brad Paisley’s band leader, for Yamaha and their magazine….we had fun on set, was real early, but i had a great team together and everything went so smooth!…it pays to have a team!!!

2013 Street Photography - a return

April 7, 2013

Street Photography used to be my thing – i cut my teeth in the trial and error of figuring out the Canon AE1 on the streets of Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, Austin, Knoxville, Athens, and points in between. As music began to slowly creeps it’s way back into my creative impulses, i started shooting more live music than i was sleeping or eating. More interested in stlyled and controlled image making, i gravitated towards portraits…and here we are today. I recently got a new camera, a Canon 6D, and i am enjoying every minute of it, so much that i take it w/ me when i don’t have shoots (something i ALWAYS did, but never do anymore…) – here are some new shots from the streets, enjoy.

well ok i added some others in there. nice little ones that live a block away, “helping me out” on my quick Gris Gris Strut photoshoot

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