As i said in an earlier post, this year has taken off. I was even more psyched to have a visit from my friend and yours Jeff Treffinger a musician, producer/engineer and contractor who recorded  1st album at the Mermaid Lounge of all places. He was at my studio to shed some ideas and whatnot on what i got going – he then sent over NY/NO gator-hunter-photographer Dwight Marshall to draw plans up for my shed. It’s always a testament to where i live when the folks helping me w/ my shed on the construction end are musicians, artists, photographers, and creative folks….why would i pay some one i don’t know, who ONLY does this kind of shit for their pay instead of friends who can give me real life advice, having had studios in NY and London, and created recording spaces out of nothing?

I feel like the circle comes around again – happy to have these guys on board. It’s also nice to have my live-in designer, Shez Crafty, to advise w/ the finer things and feel of my new studio. Also our friend Jensen Killen is helping w/ design and layout. Me? I just make pictures.

Joseph Makkos story

(for Columbia Journalism Review)

Staff at Harriet Tubman Charter School

BB King at The CIVIC

Michelle and Joseph Wedding Party

Joseph and Michelle

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