One Foot in the Swamp: Portraits and Daydreams as Photographs

Opening Reception: April 12, 6pm-12am
On Display:
Front Gallery: April 12 – June 7
Back Gallery: June 14 – August 2, 2014

Scott Edwards Gallery is pleased to present Zack Smith -“One Foot in the Swamp – Portraits and Daydreams as Photographs.” This exhibition includes a collection of 16 large photographs culled from creative and commercial projects of portraits of musicians, showcasing his approach to creative visual storytelling, or “environmental portraits” as Smith likes to call it.

Smith, in conjunction with Scott Edwards Gallery will be offering a limited edition, two color 14” x 22” HATCH SHOW PRINT.  Opened in 1879, Hatch Show Print is one of oldest continuously running letterpress print shops in America. Included with every Hatch Show Print will be a limited edition, signed and numbered, 8” x 12” pigment print of the exhibitions figurehead shot – “Seth Walker, 2014.”

Press releases are fancy. I love reading about myself in 3rd person sometimes, reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where they had that friend who always talked in 3rd person. Confusion and comedy ensued. I hope there’s no confusion here..i am very proud of my new gallery show opening next week at Scott Edwards Gallery.  I am extremely honored to have Scott working with me on this show, his drive and unique ideas (such as the limited edition Hatch Show Print, cmon!) make me feel like my work will be celebrated and shown the right way. I am also very excited to see my work in the 32″x48″ realm..printed by the best…Cameron Wood. It feels like a team, cause it is.

During the photo shoots from all of these images, i rely upon the collaboration and communication from my subjects, my assistance from my, well, assistants –  Mandy, Peter, and Tamara, to get the job done. Now it’s on to the next phase of photography; presentation. As i have said to everyone who has ever taken a photography class from me in the 12 years i have been teaching at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art…”shoot for the wall” – has never meant so much. It is here that the process of creativity is finalized. It is on the gallery wall, or the brick wall, or grandma’s wood panel hallway – the proof, being in the print.

I hope to see you all at the gallery on April 12th..i’ll be there around 9p – coming in from shooting French Quarter Festival. whew…