I have always felt that spring in New Orleans is when this city shines..and if what you do has something to do w/ what makes this city so wonderful..shouldn’t you shine? I always have felt it right when the weather changes, at the times i am ramping up to shoot French Quarter Festival into — Jazz Fest–into new personal work –> playing ALOT of music at these festivals at the same time…with the occasional night show – that this is what life is about. It’s about doing what you love, being with who you love, and living in a city that loves you back.

I felt it big tonight, loading in my new drumset in my bands new practice space, on the verge of promoting and releasing a new album we recently finished. Playing it, felt right – hearing instruments, felt right.

And for some reason, like the smell of cut grass brings in childhood nostalgia, i remembered a Pink Floyd record i used to listen to…ALOT. “The Division Bell” – came out in 1994, as i was entering my sophomore year in college, learning alot about myself, where i fit in the world, and what made things work. And even now, I feel like i am JUST figuring out how things work and knowing enough how to work the things. 20 years ago, it seems just like yesterday – and although the time is gone, the feeling is not.

I have always felt you need to know where you come from to know where you are going. On so many levels this has always rung true. From discovering, learning, and celebrating my heritage, to remembering a time when i was growing, the seeds planted then are growing as i keep on going.