I can honestly say that i repeat myself when i teach. I do. I have some core fundamentals and philosophies to live/shoot by that get repeated time and time again, with each new crop of participants in my classes and workshops. It wasn’t until a few months ago i caught myself saying the same things i say over and over again about “muscle memory” as it pertains to learning the camera and being comfortable with it. I think i stuttered, when saying this for the 1,000th time, i realized that i was stuck.

I had to re Learn how to photograph in a new way

Like a needle stuck on the same song (the same great song!) i had been repeating my shooting style and calling up old knowledge with just a new crop of clients. I had become good at what i do, and i was luckily being hired for it. I really didn’t notice i was stuck in creative rut until those words “muscle memory” came out of my mouth for the 1,000th time like it was destiny to hear my own words and reflect.

I need to create NEW muscle memory. I need to dive in deeper the Waters of New. This will take some breaking down, some reluctant rehashing of why i need to change and adapt and pay attention to the world out there – it’s easy to put the blinders on and work.

Ignorance IS bliss….but there is much you miss

I have been watching a bunch of videos on Creativelive.com about stuff i already know…and realize that hearing about a photography topic from someone else teaching it can be life changing. I have always taken pride in myself to have learned from some of the most talented photographers, and one in particular, Herman Leonard, is with me on every shoot i do. i have branched out recently on my editing choices for certain clients to make things a little more unique to them, while keeping one foot in my traditional editing choices. I have always edited my photos to look like they weren’t edited…i just made sure my natural light + artificial mix was even, and took out items that didnt’ belong. You almost don’t notice anything….i try to get it right in the camera.

But now i am noticing things when i am dissecting a scene and gathering my intention for the final image, that i see things i can do in post, that i never saw before. I realizing i am composing my capture w/ the added intention of a post treatment in Ps, while staying true to me and my clients vision. It’s a new added trait, a new muscle i am currently working out…

And now for something completely different…

SUPER MOON – July, 2014 – zack smith photography