“Do Good Work, Stick Around, and Be Nice To People” – ZSP Photography Philosophy #1 for 2015
“Do Good Work, Stick Around, and Be Nice To People”

This saying really has been my motto for quite some time. I remember moving to New Orleans in the fall of 2000 and hitting the streets hard, knocking on doors, looking for work. I had no idea what i was doing, but a few years went by and i became a little more comfortable and established in city. When Katrina came, that seemed to wash all that work away – but my ability to return fast to the city i loved to create in, AND continue good work, really helped my networking. You can use these tips as well and apply them to what you do – they really work for just about anything.

With My ZSP Photography Philosophy series i will try to relay some insights i have gained on photography, the business of photography, working with clients, and life in general. I hope you enjoy.

photo ©Zack Smith – “Seth Walker, 2014 St. Bernard”

Do Good Work 
Means what it means, but more specifically to always be true to your passion and your craft. Your interests will change as you learn more about yourself and your world. But what should not change is your truthful devotion to your art, your continual education as it pertains to your medium, market and message, and the strive for honest expectations.

Stick Around 
You need to know your surroundings before you can begin to tell it’s story. Anyone w/ a camera can take a pretty picture – but only someone with intimate knowledge of their subject and environment can move your soul. The more you know of a place, the more you are familiar with it and those that inhabit it and thus – the more they are familiar and trusting of YOU.

Be Nice To People – that’s pretty self explanatory. What goes around comes around really does hold true in life and especially in your market for whatever you do. Do all three of things things and good things will come to you.

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